Finally, A Professional Laundry Service to Assist in the Growth of Drop-Off Cleaners.
Looking for a wholesaler who cares about your business as much as their own?
Emphasis is placed on quality of our professional laundry services via our punctual laundry collection and delivery service (pick up and drop off) with convenient times. Careful Cleaners has been providing wholesale service since 1992.
Looking for a full service plant that handles shirt laundry and dry cleaning?
At Careful Cleaner we understand that no client's laundry needs are exactly the same. We'll listen carefully to your requirements. we pride our selves in meeting the needs of drop off stores and laundry services. From hand finished laundered shirts (men and women) to our bulk washing service.
The laundry process consists of the shirt being washed and starched (if you request starch) in sophisticated washers with a mixture of special soaps and additives to ensure a thorough washing with maximum stain removal. Some stains will not come out with water like oils inks and old blood. These stains should be pointed out so they can be properly cared for, to ensure that they are removed.

While the shirts are still damp, the first step in the finishing process is to press the collars and cuffs on a collar cuff machine, than onto the sleever which presses both sleeves simultaneously, and last on to the buck press where two large plates press the front and back of the shirt simultaneously.

When the shirt is finished it is dry and press crisp. The finished shirt proceeds to the quality control inspector who makes needed touch-ups as well as checking and replacing any broken or missing buttons. The inspected shirts are than sorted, bagged and ready for you.

We offer state of the art shirt service, designed to get your shirts they’re brightest while never compromising the integrity of the fabric.

At Careful Cleaners we use premium chemicals to obtain optimal results.

All shirts are custom prepared to your specifications. Folded Sleeves, On / Off Hangers, Your Custom Garment Cover or Ours. No Problem… Simply make your requests and consider it done!

Our flawless hands-on quality inspection assures that every button is properly secured or replaced and that any touch up is done prior to final packaging.

Your shirt will be pressed with our state of the art equipment.
We are committed to helping you grow and maintain your business through expert stain removal and high quality pressing.  Isn’t it time you made a change? We speak English, Spanish and Korean too!