Price List
All prices are for basic garments. Our capabilities to clean any kind of garment is limitless. From the cap on your head to the sneakers on your feet we can do it all. We also clean bedding, curtains, blankets . . . almost any fabric found in your home.

Call or just come on in with any questions you may have for your cleaning.
Blouse $ 6.95
Dress $ 11.75
Jacket/Blazer $ 7.45
Skirt $ 6.95
Slacks/Pants $ 6.95
Sweater $ 6.95
Two-Piece Suit $ 12.50
Three-Piece Suit $ 16.75
Laundry Shirts (Handfinsihed) hanger $ 2.25
Laundry Shirts (Handfinsihed) Box $2.50
Wash & Fold (Minimum 10 lbs) $ 1.25/lb
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